Sort algorithms

  • Random sort

    Random sorting (Bogosort) is one of the most inefficient array sorting algorithms.

  • Bubble sort

    Bubble sort (bubble sort) is one of the easiest to understand methods for sorting arrays.

  • Shaker sort

    Shuffle sorting (cocktail sort) or shaker sorting is an advanced type of bubble sorting in which the sorting is performed in two directions, changing direction with each pass.

  • Insertion sort

    Insertion sort is a sorting algorithm in which all elements of an array are scanned in turn, with each element being placed in an appropriate place among previously ordered values.

  • Stooge sort

    Stooge sort (sorting by parts) – a recursive array sorting algorithm.

  • Pancake sort

    Pancake sorting – an array sorting algorithm in which sorting is performed by flipping a part of the array.

  • Shell sort

    Shell sort – an array sorting algorithm that generalizes sorting by inserts.

  • Merge sort

    Merge sort - an array sorting algorithm that is implemented on the principle of “divide and conquer”. The task of sorting an array is divided into several sub-tasks of sorting arrays of smaller size, after which the result is combined, which leads to the solution of the initial problem.

  • Selection sort

    Selection sort – an array sorting algorithm that is comparable in speed with bubble sorting.

  • Quick sort

    Quick sort or Hoar sort is one of the fastest data sorting algorithms.

  • Gnome sort

    Gnome sort – an easy-to-implement array sorting algorithm, named after the garden gnome, which supposedly sorts garden pots using this method.

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